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Every insurance agency is different! Choosing the right agent can make a big difference – in costs, service, and protection.

With many insurance agencies, you get one company that offers one insurance carrier. With an independent insurance agency like Asher Macrae ,right here in Las Vegas, you get choices.

Why does that matter?

Because independent agencies, like Asher Macrae, work for our customers. We can sell insurance for a several different insurance companies and will compare quotes and coverage to get you the best possible value. As a local independent insurance agency, we are members of the Las Vegas business community and we’re dedicated to working with local customers face-to-face.

We will be your advocate during the shopping process and in times of need when you have a claim.

Here are a few reasons Asher Macrae should be your next and last insurance agency:

  • We provide support and experience when you need to file a claim.
  • We are not committed to any one company so you won't need to change agents if your insurance needs change.
  • We are well-trained and experienced insurance consultants - working with you to protect your family.
  • We are your personal price shoppers,  looking after your pocketbook to find the best combo of price and coverage.
  • We are your one-stop insurance shop with a full range of products, like home, renters, auto, business, life, and other insurance coverage
  • We will review your coverage annually to make sure your changing insurance needs are continually addressed
  • We are 100% dedicated to the highest level of customer satisfaction – it’s the key to our continued success.
  • We treat every customer like a person, not a statistic.
  • We are fully licensed insurance professionals who have been in the Las Vegas community for years and will continue to be here for all our customers.

We are the right agency for you. To see how our agency will help you find the best insurance protection, contact us today.

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