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To feel comfortable with your future and to know all your assets are protected, you may need the additional level of protection you get with a personal umbrella liability insurance policy.

What is Complete Peace of Mind Worth to Your Family?

Umbrella policies provide additional liability protection above the coverage offered by your existing policies. If the liability limits are insufficient to completely cover a loss on your home, auto, or another insurance policy, an umbrella insurance policy kicks in and provides extra financial protection.

The cost is quote small in comparison to the comfort of knowing you’re protected.

Does Your Family Have Adequate Liability Insurance?

What would happen if your dog bit a neighbor’s child or if there was an accident on your rental property and someone was seriously injured or killed?. What if a fire in your condo spread to other units and destroyed other people's property?

If any of these unfortunate events happened, It's likely your existing liability coverage limits would not be enough to protect your assets or future earnings from being taken away from you.

Umbrella Insurance Coverage Kicks In Where the Others Stop

Once your liability coverage limits are reached on your home, auto, or other insurance policy, your umbrella coverage kicks in, providing a second layer of protection of at least one million dollars. Our agency can also help you purchase even higher limits should you need them.

Speak with Asher Macrae to figure out the right amount of coverage to protect your current and future financial situation.

Coverage Expansion

Umbrella insurance policies also cover certain claims that may be excluded by your home, auto, or other current insurance policy. An umbrella policy covers doesn't just cover you,  your spouse and all family members living in your household anywhere in the world will be protected.

Legal defense fees are also covered according to the policy specifications.

The right umbrella insurance policy for you is specific to your situation. Contact us today to learn how to cover yourself, your family, and your future with the best personal or commercial umbrella insurance for your needs.

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